When will there be a G-mount or B-mount version of Apex?

At present we have no intention of offering Apex in other mount types besides V-mount. 90% of the install base in lighting is V-mount. This is a lighting solution. The bottomline is up until now you didn’t have a viable on-board lighting power solution, so now that you do, to have a dedicated system which works well is the goal.

My lighting ballasts accept G-mount, so how do I use Apex?

You have two options, use/purchase a G-mount to V-mount adapter, or you can convert your ballast with our Direct Connect Plates

Why should I choose Apex HV over LV? Isn’t it a hassle to change the plates out?

We foresee new lighting solutions requiring HV because it’s more efficient, after all HV requires have the current, which means more efficient, cooler(less heat) usage. So HV has it’s advantages long-term by “future-proofing” your battery fleet, however Apex LV is perfectly suitable for many lights.

Regarding the plates, it’s a one-time, less then 10 minute modification which requires minimal skill. All you need to do is unscrew the mount plates, clip the wires with a scissor, and then snap our direct connect plate on. After you screw our plate back on, you wont need to change it ever again because the direct connect plates still support all LV battery packs.

Will the direct connect plates work with 14v battery packs?

Yes, the direct connect plates will work just like your OEM V-mount plates, including working with our Apex LV versions.

Does the Direct Connect modification void warranties?

How old is your light? If you’ve owned the light more than one year most likely the warranty has expired anyway. BUT, as long as you match the colors of the wire(red to red, black to black) we don’t see how it should but best to discuss with the lighting manufacturer.

Can I use Apex on my cameras, monitors, etc.?

Apex LV will power any 14v devices and Apex HV is compatible with Helix compatible devices and mount plates. It will work fine but it’s not designed for those applications so you won’t have p-taps accessible, no battery data, etc.

Can you put a p-tap on the battery packs?

Apex packs are designed for lighting so a ptap is not necessary, as you wont need a ptap on a light. We understand you may want to charge through ptap, and that is why you are asking, but a ptap charger would take too long to charge Apex.

$599 is a lot of money for a battery pack

Cost per watt hour, Apex is the least costly actually for a premium, reliable battery pack, made by a company that will stand behind it.

Do you have any 48v options?

Not currently however you can use Apex LV in conjunction with the Aputure Dual Battery Station for 48v output(and it works with other lights besides Aputure as it’s a standard 3pin output).

Will the lighting ballasts(like Aputure) charge Apex as it does with other V-mount battery packs?

Apex LV will charge on Aputure ballasts.

The runtimes shown look to good to be true. How can it be?

We tested these lights with the Apex products, scout’s honor:). Some of the incredible results are a byproduct of the higher capacity rating of the packs and their higher power delivery capabilities.